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SunPop Sook, coming from the Arabic word "sook", "سوق", or "market",  is a Milwaukee-based pop-up farmer's art market collective where artists, creators, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs of immigrant and refugee background can sell and promote their work. Members of our collective range from hobbyists to full-blown small business owners, and we are here to uplift and empower them. SunPop Sook offers free creative and marketing consulting, professional branding services, and a platform for product promotion and sale all while fostering a blossoming community of creatives and offering good vibes all around.   

Empowerment comes in many forms. Whether it is teaching someone a skill they did not have, offering your services to another to help uplift them, creating a resource or a space for someone to be appreciated, recognized, and seen, or putting your dollars to something that that maybe hasn't gotten the attention and support it deserves. Whatever form empowerment takes for you, SunPop Sook is here for it: empowering and uplifting the creatives that you don't normally see on your Instagram feed (that is most-likely currently overflowing with whipped coffee-loving, tie-dye wearing influencers).


Born and raised in Milwaukee, WI to Muslim Egyptian immigrant parents, Noor is a designer, visual artist, businesswoman, fitness instructor, civically-minded activist, and makeup enthusiast, but she is also a current student studying Architecture and Economics and Strategy at Washington University in St Louis. At the intersection of some unique identities, Noor has always had a passion for uplifting others of many backgrounds, especially those following unconventional paths.


Noor’s most commonly said phrase is “if the planets say it, it must be true.” As a Virgo sun, Aries moon, and Leo Mercury and Venus, she is a medley of details, chaos, confidence, and glamour, all coming together to create a girl who is addicted to laying in the sun, loves cheese in all its forms, and dabbles in the arts. If she’s not doing one of the 10 things mentioned above, you’ll find Noor going through cycles of watching the latest Mohamed Ramadan tamsileya and napping, her favorite hobby of all.

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