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build beauty


build beauty is a skincare / makeup brand driven by self-love, creativity, empowerment, individuality, & authenticity. we believe that every unique individual should be able to design a product to truly call their own. we provide the tools and knowledge for women to create products to suit their specific skin needs. 100% natural & made with love, the power is all yours to create! with build beauty, you can finally embrace your creativity and individuality and construct the best products for you.

build beauty x sunpop sook's i paint collection comes in six stunning shades: squeeze, smirk, spice, tease, jam, and gem. moisturizing shea butter, vitamin e, + glycerin combine to create a creamy, colorful pigment to swipe on your lid & paint your way. no rules, no steps: you are the creator & artist. sunpop sook x build beauty i paint is all about embracing your individuality & creativity. i paint because i want to, not because i have to. 


Erica Coven is a Cuban-American New York City based creative & visual story teller with a passion for cosmetics, photography, and design.  She currently attends Washington University in St. Louis with a major in Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies and a minor in Creative Practice for Social Change. Unhappy with societal standards surrounding makeup as a target on women's insecurities, Erica launched Build in 2016 centered on core values of self-love, creativity, empowerment, individuality, and authenticity. "Made by you, for you", Build gives the consumer the individual power as the creative to genuinely create products best for their specific skin type or creative visions. Truly focused on the expressive wonders of makeup as an art and confidence outlet, Build flips standards from makeup as a tool to cover up to a form of celebrating one's unique individuality and identity. 

In her free time, Erica, is an avid reggaeton lover, collage maker, chicken noodle soup enthusiast, flower worshipper, and ice skating fan. You can find Erica doing makeup on her friends, making jewelry and upcycling clothes, or most commonly, listening to Rosalia, her muse.



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