PRE-ORDER: i paint

PRE-ORDER: i paint

This item is on pre-order ONLY for SPRING 2021!


moisturizing shea butter, vitamin e, + glycerin combine to create a creamy, colorful pigment to swipe on your lid & paint your way in six exclusive sunpop sook x build beauty shades. no rules, no steps: you are the creator & artist. i paint is all about embracing your individuality & creativity. i paint because i want to, not because i have to.

  • serving your skin doses of vitamins a, e, & f, soothing & creamy shea butter helps reduce inflammation & combat puffiness.

  • vitamin e, packed with moisturizing & healing benefits, protects skin from damage by free radicals & strengthens skin barrier & function.

  • glycerin slows down the evaporation of water from the outer layer of the skin, helping maintain moisture and hydration.


    Each SunPop Sook Creative has their own return & refund policy: be sure to review these before purchasing. build beauty has a strict no refund and no return policy. 


    Each SunPop Sook Creative has their own shipping policy: be sure to review these before purchasing. build beauty can ship anywhere in the United States at the low-cost fee of $1, and offers standard 7-10 day shipping.