I love imagining the mysterious past life of each item I’ve thrifted. This old Packers sweatshirt; a child’s neon Christmas present in the 80’s. My thick peach blazer; a 20-something’s first item of clothing purchased specifically with the intention of it being ~professional clothing~. I still wear my dad’s first Christmas sweater he bought after moving to the United States. 

Repainted’s one-of-a-kind pieces arrive at the buyer’s doorstep embedded with layers of memories from past lives. Vintage stud earrings are sterilized, polished, and redesigned with vibrant fabrics-- made new, sparkling, and textured. Fabrics used are all either cut from thrifted clothes or scraps that I found lying around my house. The only thing I bought new to make these pieces was the thread. Each pair comes with a short story which provides background on what inspired its design and what I was doing when I was sewing those particular pieces. A record of your earrings’ history before you, their new owner, take these pieces on adventures of your own. xoxoxoxoooo

Jenny is a 24 year old speech-language pathology clinical fellow and lives at an arts co-op in Koreatown, Los Angeles. She grew up in Brookfield, Wisconsin and is first generation Filipino-American. She is inspired by Anthony Bourdain, Maya Angelou, and Phoebe Bridgers. She sleeps next to a copy of Cravings by Chrissy Teigen every night (just kidding) (it only happens some nights). 


Jenny’s mom taught her to sew by hand when she was a lil bean. Jenny loves when art is imperfect and you can tell a human made it.


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